Quilt Cadets is Launched! Yay!

by Latifah Saafir on November 01, 2019

After such a long time in the works, Quilt Cadets by Latifah Saafir Studios is finally here! Yay! It's a whole line of sewing patterns and products "for kids who SEW" or who want to sew. :) Here are all the projects:

This website is for all the grown-ups who care for the Quilt Cadets. Stay tuned for tips and tricks and lots of goodies for you to use to support the Quilt Cadets in your life. quiltcadets.com is the site for the kiddos so hop on over there and check out the fun.

First quick tip? As long as they're safe leave the criticism for other things. A spirit of play will help them fall in love with sewing and allow them to tap into their creative spirit.

Here's to happy sewing kids!


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